Posted March 21, 2012

Water for the Oppressed (WFTO) is a faith based organization that provides clean water to the impoverished people of Zambia, Africa. WFTO drills new water wells, repairs broken hand pumps, teaches a health and hygiene curriculum, and shares the Gospel through Word and deed.

Posted March 25, 2018

Our local energy provider, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative, recently published an article that documents the journey of how Water for the Oppressed became established in the heart of Zambia, Africa. Click on the images below to discover more about the Lord's ministry in Zambia!

Cooperative Living article, page 1

Cooperative Living article, page 2
Posted February 18, 2018
Hand Pump Repair

Upon our first visit to the Sichula Village (population of 400 people), Water for the Oppressed (WFTO) found the hand pump to have been broken for one month. We removed the hand pump and found the pipes to be damaged. WFTO installed a new hand pump and replaced the concrete apron around the well. As you review the pictures please take note of the previous water source which is where the community draws water when this hand pump is broken. In addition to repairing the hand pump, WFTO provided a health & hygiene training inclusive of sharing the Gospel. The Lord blessed our time as 10 individuals made professions of faith and a Bible was presented to each new believer.

Posted February 18, 2018
Wings Ministry

Water for the Oppressed distributed 70 feminine hygiene kits to female students. The distribution reached out to grade school and college aged girls with one goal in mind: enable the girls to remain in school during their monthly cycle. In many third world countries such as Zambia, the young ladies cannot afford to purchase such feminine hygiene items and miss school as a result. It is estimated that young girls miss up to two months of educational opportunities each year due to their monthly cycle. These invaluable kits, which can last up to three years, were graciously donated by our friend Susan Carroll, along with many dedicated volunteers in South Hill, Virginia.

Posted February 18, 2018
Shoe Distribution

Africa Vision of Hope School provides a Christian based education to some of the most vulnerable children of the local community. Water for the Oppressed distributed 247 pairs of shoes to the students. The headmaster at African Vision of Hope commented, “Now the kids will not have to enter the outdoor toilet barefooted.” The shoes will certainly improve each child’s hygiene.

Posted February 18, 2018
Hand Pump Repair

Kachembele Primary School consist of 500 students (boys 240/girls 260) with six teachers. WFTO visited the school and found two wells but only one with a hand pump. The existing hand pump was working but the well-produced only a small amount of water and frequently ran dry. One teacher informed us that the students were frequently late to class and some students would miss class due to a shortage of water. The students are responsible for cleaning the outdoor toilets, wash classrooms, and replenish the water coolers within the school. So, in this particular case the students would spend a considerable amount of time waiting for water so they could complete their task. Water for the Oppressed investigated the second well (did not have a hand pump because community could not afford to purchase) and found the water supply to be adequate. WFTO installed a new hand pump, poured a new concrete apron around the well, provided hygiene training and shared the Word of God with the students and community.

Posted February 18, 2018
Hand Pump Repair

The initial visit by WFTO to the small community of Kachembele…population 200 found the hand pump had been broken for one month. The community attempted to repair the hand pump and dropped the hand pump into the well along with several chains and fishing tools. WFTO managed to fish out the lost chains, wire, and fishing tools. The community informed us that additional fishing tools were lodged in the hole so we abandoned hope of retrieving the hand pump. However, since the old hand pump was lodged in the well beyond 30m we simply placed a new hand pump above that pump. The new pump functions just fine and the community is thankful for the repair. WFTO shared the Word of God with the community and twenty people placed their faith in Jesus Christ. A Bible was distributed to each new believer.

Posted February 18, 2018
Jerry Can Distribution

WFTO distributed 137 Jerry cans to the Mwemba community which blessed approximately 75 families (420 people). The Jerry cans are five-gallon plastic containers used to collect water from the hand pumps. So often, we see old antifreeze and motor oil containers being utilized to fetch water. The new containers will definitely improve the hygiene in the community.

Posted December 07, 2016

Greetings! We have published our December 2016 newsletter, and it is available to download below. If you would like to receive future updates via e-mail, enter your e-mail address in the newsletter subscription block on the right of this page.

December 2016 Newsletter

Posted May 15, 2016

Written by The South Hill Enterprise Staff
March 27, 2016

The South Hill Lions Club welcomed as guests last week C.W. and Leslie Bing, who have been involved with Water for the Oppressed since 2006 and currently are missionaries in Zambia.

Water for the Oppressed exists to make disciples and demonstrate God’s love to the oppressed by bringing physical life through clean water and spiritual life by proclaiming the “living water” of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Water for the Oppressed (WFTO) is a faith-based organization focused on meeting the needs of the oppressed by providing clean drinking water. WFTO was formed in 2005 after C.W. Bing returned from Africa and realized the tremendous need for clean water and how the love of God could be demonstrated through meeting these water needs.

Last year, two local girl scouts, Miranda Ellis and Emily Ezell with troops 3263 and 977, collected toothbrushes, socks , Bibles and funds for the group as part of a scout project. Both young ladies made presentations at the Lions Club and South Hill Rotary Club and were presented with various items including toothbrushes, provided by Dr...